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A woods lamp exam is a diagnostic test that uses a special type of ultraviolet light to examine the skin and eyes. This exam is also sometimes called a black light exam or a Wood's lamp exam, after the inventor of the technology, Robert W. Wood.

In an eye woods lamp exam, a doctor or ophthalmologist will use a handheld Wood's lamp to examine the eyes. The lamp emits a type of ultraviolet light that causes certain substances in the eye to fluoresce, or glow, in the dark. This can help the doctor identify abnormalities in the eye, such as corneal abrasions, foreign bodies, or eye infections.

During the exam, the doctor may use eye drops to dilate the pupils, which can help them see the eye more clearly. They will then shine the Wood's lamp on the eye and examine the fluorescing patterns. The exam is usually painless and takes only a few minutes to complete.

A Wood's lamp exam is also used in dermatology to diagnose and monitor skin conditions. The exam works in a similar way, with the Wood's lamp emitting ultraviolet light that causes certain substances in the skin to fluoresce. This can help the doctor identify skin conditions such as fungal infections, vitiligo, and pigment disorders.

A Wood's lamp exam is a valuable diagnostic tool that can help doctors identify and monitor a range of eye and skin conditions. The exam is safe and non-invasive, and it can provide valuable information that can aid in diagnosis and treatment.

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