Lava Lamp for your Room

The Lava Lamp is a decorative lamp invented by Edward Craven Walker in the 1960s. The patent application was filed in 1965 and was confirmed in 1968. Walker's company was called Crestworth and was based in Poole in the UK.

Walker named the lamp Astro and released several variations of the lamp, such as the Astro Mini and Astro Coach. He presented his invention to the public at a trade fair in Brussels in 1965, where it caught the eye of entrepreneur Adolf Wertheimer. Wertheimer and his business partner, Hy Spector, bought the rights to use the product in America and marketed it under the Lava Lite brand, founding the Lava Simplex International corporation, first associating the word "lava" with lamps of this type.

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In late 1989, Walker, who owned the rights to his invention in England and Western Europe, handed over the management of Crestworth to Cressida Granger and David Malley. The arrival of Cressida Granger revived the manufacture and mass sale of lava lamps in the 1990s.